TAPTUBE - the first glass beer tap system.

Beer – the malt drink, with its recipe dating back thousands of years, is still loved by people from all social circles. Whether they are used to traditional tastes or something new and experimental. The choice has never been so varied, the ancient taste coming in many visual forms. In order to manage the range of colours, the glass-blowing company Weinmayer has made it its mission to present the beer straight from the tap in a combination of glass and light. The beer passes through a glass spiral inside a tube filled with cold water, and the heat- and acid-resistant borosilicate glass not only lets the beer shine like gold, but also minimizes any problem with germs that occurs with standard tap systems.

The cooling chain is sealed from the beer barrel to just before the tap itself, and the total transparency of the sterile glass allows the bar staff as well as the guests to see inside the hygienic equipment. The old saying, ‘brewed with love, spoiled at the tap’ finally belongs to the past. The prescribed cleaning is child’s play with the glass pipes. Modern colored cleaning liquid can be run through in a few minutes and the cleaning effect can be easily observed. When the tap system is not in use, the glass pipes are covered, reducing energy consumption of the wet cooling system and protecting the beer from UV radiation.

Taptube S - NEW

Taptube with standard tap positioning. Bottom edge of the tap to the bar level 46 cm – total visible column height 64.5 cm.

Taptube S

Taptube L

Extra tall Taptube with maximum sculptural character. Outflow lower edge of tap to bar level 53 cm – total visible column height 73 cm.

Taptube Twin - NEW

Space-saving, two line Taptube with two opposing inner spirals. Different types of beer are particularly expressive. Sizing identical to Taptube S model.

Taptube S


Whether in a fine restaurant, an atmospheric bar or on the road at festivals, the golden light of the beer attracts attention and entices more to be drunk.


The sterile, crystal-clear borosilicate glass DURAN®, with its unparalleled chemical and physical properties, can be easily and simply cleaned, minimizing any problem with germs that standard tap systems have.


Each and every tap pipe is made, checked and packed with precision and passion in Bernd Weimayer’s own workshop in Mariastein.


When the tap is not being used, the glass pipes are covered in an insulating jacket which reduces the energy consumption of the wet cooling system and protects the beer from UV radiation. Learn more in the FAQs.


The TAPTUBE unit, designed by Bernd Weinmayer, comprises the glass tap pipes, a stainless steel flange top, a tap, lighting and the insulating cover. It is all packed in re-usable packaging, dispatched with an insured freight company, and personally delivered with a tap system technician. The design of the insulating protective cover and the tap handle can be customized on request.

System patented under
No 004707040-0001 to No 004707040-0005